There is a public outcry regarding Republican efforts to defund and gradually dismantle the Affordable Care Act. Since it’s inception there have been volatile arguments on both sides that has not only further polarized our country but also led to uncertainty in our health care system.

Now before I begin, I’ll confess that I am not a supporter of ACA. I did not agree with how it was ratified, I do not agree with the changes it forces on hospitals, and I most assuredly do not accept the increased cost it has placed on the middle class.

I have been called a fascist but I see myself as a utilitarian. To me, government spending in any form should be aimed towards the greatest return on their investment. Educational spending leads to a smarter work force increasing efficiency, creating entrepreneurs, and thus increasing jobs and economic growth. Infrastructure investment should increase mobility, grow resources, and, yet, lead to economic growth. Beginning to understand where I am going with this?

The need for health care is one I understand. Workers who are healthy aid the economy more than those who are overworked and injured. Children who are taken care of in their youth will have far less issues in their adult years versus those who are malnourished. The point of health care should be to serve those who aid or have aided the economy.

Despite possessing a fiat currency, the resources at our country’s disposal are not. Part of the problem of health care is limitations. Not enough doctors, not enough nurses, not enough hospitals. There is only so much that the current system can do. Couple that with crazy malpractice suits that have led to the need for pricey legal insurance and the insane pharmaceutical prices which makes care unaffordable for many which leads to patients needing return visits as cost forces them to gamble with their health further increasing the burden on hospitals…well, it becomes a vicious cycle.

Government meddling has only exacerbated the problem. Medicare and Medicaid, though created with good intentions, has actually driven up costs. Refusing to reimburse hospitals 100% has led to said cost being pushed onto the shoulders of the working class. Then the legal requirement to accept anyone as a patient has further increased the deficits if hospitals as the homeless, gang bangers, drug users, and illegals have flooded ERs. With numerous unpaid cases, hospitals are struggling to survive rather than expand for the growing patient population straining the system to its limits.

Let’s be blunt. With limited resources and beds, I do not support free health care for illegals, for the homeless, or for low income families. Call me cruel, but the benefits do not exist. Why grant free health care to an illegal? They live in the shadows, work menial jobs, pay no taxes, have no loyalty for this country, and send what money they have back home. We are subsidizing economic contraction. And the cost increases as more illegals pour in seeing the benefits. The homeless, likewise, serve no benefit. Simply feeding them, housing them (when they’ll accept it), and keeping them healthy doesn’t solve the problem of what to do with them. They remain idle, don’t generate income, they are a net loss. And don’t get me started on the self-entitled low income families. Their children I support because their future is ahead of them, but the parents, those irresponsible parents who refuse to better themselves, happily sit on the porch, watching the world go by, and only raise a finger when their benefits may be stripped away. Subsidizing an underclass lifestyle does them no good or the economy any good unless liquor stores and the local supermarket are struggling.

Finally, lost causes. Patients who cost millions but stand no chance. I’m talking about bed ridden 90 year olds with dementia and Parkinsons getting a pacemaker, the chronically unemployed individual who has hit his million dollar cap in radiation for leukemia but has failed to go into remission, patients who want bariatric surgery (which often fails), sex changes, keeping others alive for years on ventilators, etc. This insane. Pouring money into black holes that will never be filled, never make them whole. Some lives are simply lost.

The burdens have led to rising costs which is the real reason no one wants insurance unless they need it. The cost. That was the one thing ACA failed to grasp. You want the system to improve? Subsidize the building of more hospitals, incentivize colleges to lower rates and help grow our health care professionals. Tort reform, get tough with big pharma. And for God’s sake shift the cost for foolish cosmetic procedures like sex changes and bariatric surgery back onto the patients.

ACA was shady from its inception. Too thick and turgid to read, too paradoxical to make sense, crammed through by the slimmest majority, and destined to place an even greater burden on the middle class. With the added caveat that patients can grade their health care providers and that grade will determine reimbursement…so increase the workload, pay them less for it, and it spirals down down down. ACA, Medicare, and Medicaid have already led to the shutting of hospitals because they cannot financially survive in a climate where they aren’t paid. Seriously, what job out there pays you only a fraction of your expected pay for service and survives?

ACA gives insurance to millions who never had it. That means millions more patients. How many new docs does it make? Nurses? Hospitals? 0. It compounds the problem. The government is saying feast for all when the table will only serve half. Let’s all starve together!

With insurance required to cover everyone regardless of risk or economic station, the cost has compounded as lost causes and the financially strapped are pooled in and the middle class has to pick up the bill. It makes health care ever more costly, makes many wait for care worsening their condition, and creates a greater burden on everyone: the family, the hospitals, the state.

I am sorry but health care is not a right. It is a privilege that should be given to those who truly deserve it. Chronic smokers and alcoholics, unhealthy recreational lifestyles, the gluttonous, the irresponsible; those who have thrown their lives away. It is not my responsibility to take up yours nor to give refuge to a failed country’s masses. There is only so much to go around.

Something has to change. We cannot simply give and give to those who only take. The burden of the broken, the worshippers of sloth, the entitled underclass, make them earn it; make them contribute growing our resources, and they’ll finally get the value; not expect, once more, for the nanny state to coddle them. Your body isn’t a car you take in for regular check ups. It’s you. If you don’t care about that, then why should I?

Sentimentality, stop embracing. Refuse to believe that life is so precious that you compulsively cling to that suffering husk of a loved one even as the light in their eyes fades out. Realize when it is time and let go with dignity.

Government, invest and step back. You can’t agree with one another what is right so why should you dictate to us?

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