matthew_mosesMatthew Moses is, quite literally, the living representation of the prodigal son. Ever since his birth in Houston, TX, his life has been one of continual change and discovery with a wanderlust that has led him across the United States, Europe and Africa on many an adventure, some foolhardy, all incredibly fun. Fueled by an intense desire to see and learn, discover and satirically critique, he is ever on the move; the horizon eternally his goal. He credits this life of shifting backgrounds and cultures, populated by old souls and new, with the inspiration of his stories.

His educational background is incredibly eclectic with degrees in Political Theory, History, Psychology, and Medicine from several universities, though his preferred alma mater remains Indiana University due to an unhealthy obsession with Hoosier basketball. A debater in college, notorious for his confrontational and bitingly sarcastic style that proved so damning that he once turned an entire campus against him, he would become further infamous with the farcical articles he wrote for college paper that led to a cult-like following of students and encouragement from several professors to pursue writing in several other formats including a campus anthology of horror and sci-fi as well as publication in educational journals.

His works run the gamut of the academic and poetic to the political and the fringe. Some would say his imagination is the very definition of feverish, with a beloved urge to create worlds whose boundaries border realms where the impossible is incredibly possible. Petty gods, interstellar conquerors, possessed physicists, and Lovecraftian nightmares are but some of the unique characters borne of this eccentric mind. The question is what stories are yet to come from a man who respects no boundaries, crosses all thresholds, and reaches for even the most distant star.

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