And I dwelt in Sheol,
Among the clay choked souls,
Laughter long lost.
A land of twilight
Without sun or moon
Where dream alone glimmered.
How the mute days deafened me
And I sought something more
From that land of Death.
I wandered,
I wondered,
I wished,
And I hoped,
But no Messiah came,
And no sweet song soothed my broken soul.
Charon refused passage back to true life
And I seethed.
Yet I dreampt,
Praying at the altar of Morpheus
And a glimmer of what once was shone.
Of happiness,
Of possibility,
Of what once was.
And as I faded
I caught a glimpse of the life I once had
And was satisfied
Before this spark darkened to nothingness.

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