You were born without borders or boundaries. That lack of support gave you no foundation and you fell, far into the dark. Abandoned with good intentions you stumbled and fell amongst stained monuments and hollow tales. Cold material love gave little to cling to. Only your rage kept your numbness from overtaking you.

Something was wrong, but you weren’t sure what it was. So you pressed on and grew wild, spoke just to fill the silence, soon enamored by the sound of your own thoughts. You would find others lost, like you. Together you would talk but not listen, yet feed on each other. You’d watch the glowing illusions of life in dark reflection, letting the flickers stream through outstretched fingers mesmerized; made shadow in the light. How much it promised you, cared about you. You listened to siren songs even as they coarsened and deafened you. You embraced the dreamlike promises of artists and digested the words of outcasts. The idealized subtly supplanted the real.

Family became strangers. Those who birthed you did not understand you because they abandoned you. Blood betrayed you. Their late attempts to fence you in only angered you and in time you saw them for the evil they represented. Their world was singular and weighted, flawed with conflicts and depression. Of course they failed you, their flesh failed you; you would not be defined by them, not physically nor spiritually. Their world was not your world. You would will it to fit your views. You’d protest until your throat was raw, strike down those who challenged your thoughts as you screamed freedom tearing all the world apart. You’d support prophets with their offers of Utopia and chase the dream until collapse.

You’d weep at that parting glimpse of reality, perhaps contemplate broadcast suicide; the world deserved to know your suffering. When the pain of being became too great, finally, you’d fade into the horde of those who abandoned an individuality fostered since the time of Ancient Greece and, like a flood, wash over the world destroying value, history, and cultural treasures. And when it was all done, there was no rainbow. Only gray skies stared down with the wind carrying a whisper of promise that had been twisted. The world had wronged you, so you destroyed it.

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