So today is a busy day. I have first aid training including CPR, basic life saving, and the use of a defibrillator. Trust me to give you a jolt? Didn’t think so.

So last night I made the decision to return to college. I know, I just graduated, but I need something to occupy my time as I try to make it as a writer. In fact, I need an honest living before I become the debauched artist I so dream of becoming. So I’ve come to the conclusion I should finish up a degree in Psychology. I’ve already taken a slew of courses in it while attaining by BA in Political Science so I probably have only a year’s worth of classes to attain my basic BA in Psychology. Then the real fun begins as I try to push even further into the field.

There is something about the human psyche that draws me. It is such an amorphous thing, like a river. Events are like rocks and canals that carry the soul down various paths leading the individual towards their domain of personality. It can always be redirected. That is one use for psychology. Likewise, it can be navigated. I love to journey deeply into the souls of others. So perhaps this is the field for me. I’ll keep you all updated on my progress when, and if, I attend classes in the Fall.

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