The Newest Craze is Here

The burka: it's the world's fastest growing fashion trends. Drop those Western Judeo-Christian morals, infidel, and join the Intifada. It's all the rage! Conceal those embarrassing bruises. Never worry about leading him on again. He'll always look you in the eye,...
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The Illusion

The illusion has become the real. Losers think they are winners, criminals are the victims, the thoughts of youth hold more value than those of age, and the worker has become the slave to the worshippers of sloth. One could blame the nineties for stripping rewards for...
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The Star Maker

The human condition has never been so precarious. Fragile psyches and faceless existences, flesh fluidity and boundaries thinning; the world keeps getting smaller, crushing us all together. But we've never been so distant. But don't worry. I found you in the dark....
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North Korea Needs a Time Out

The policy towards North Korea has failed. It has failed because we continue to treat the Hermit Kingdom as if it is a functional state. It is a failed state built on criminal enterprise, shrouded in lies and propaganda, and victim to the dysfunctional whims of the...
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The Schizophrenia of Liberalism

The Left is a disparate collection riven through with contradictory drives and motives. The hypocrisy, ineptitude, and chaos bred by the Democrats has earned their symbol of the ass: stubborn, short sighted, and prone to braying mindlessly. Let's begin with the...
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