The Delegitimization of the Left

I am seriously close to losing what patience I have with the Left in this country. It was ignorant enough when students protested Trump's election (a large number under 18 so no one really cares what you think because you can't vote for anything other than American...
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To Kneel…

Five years ago an NFL player took a knee for what he believed in. He was ridiculed, forced out of the league, and made an example of by the press. That man was Tim Tebow, a practicing Christian who has spent his free time volunteering for charities, sharing his story,...
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From Rage to Epiphany

I was recently in the city. Standing on the side of the road putting money in the meter, these two twenty-somethings pass by, the one mockingly tossing off, "Time to get a new car." I didn't say anything despite the rage their words gave me. Part of it was thinking...
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The Cult of Kim

I have stretched common sense to snapping trying to fathom the current issues we are facing regarding North Korea. This is a despotic, criminal, irresponsible regime that has shown an utter lack of rational thought despite what the 'experts' state. Leadership is...
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The New Flesh

Hope: hope is all that is left. Hope that humanity matures. Hope that humanity learns to listen. Hope that humanity realizes we are collective and not singular. Maturity: that is sorely lacking. We demand without warning and lash out in tantrums when the id is not...
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